Happy Place Coaching is an all-inclusive studio that welcomes individuals of all health and fitness levels to learn about healthy living, functional movement, regaining self-confidence, and finding acceptance within.

Happy Place Coaching was created to give you a place where you can learn how to become the best version of yourself.

Incorporating Pilates, Functional Movement, and Health Coaching, you will learn the tools to help you feel strong and confident from the inside out.

Together we will work to create healthy habits that are attainable and manageable while building a solid foundation to grow physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Coaching is not just about the weight you lose, but about the life you gain!



Here’s what a few of our clients are saying about finding their “Happy Place”…

I know for certain that I would have gone off the deep end during this pandemic if I had not worked with Alisa before it happened. Alisa gave me a framework and valuable tools (gratitude, grace and having an anchor) and permission to focus on filling my own cup first.

My time with her informed and inspired me to address all areas of my health- diet, fitness, and daily habits.  I am a better version of myself now.  I’m in a better place. It has been a trek to get there, especially for a former self-sacrificing mom like me, and I needed a kind and wise soul like Alisa to guide me and help me believe I was worthy of getting there.   Thank you a million times over!
– Greta

I know Alisa will do an awesome job with Happy Place Coaching! For over 2 years I have worked with her in a Forever Fit program with women ages 40 to 70 years! She is very professional and has so much experience coaching. She knows the human body very well and always gives excellent modifications for each client even in a group setting.

When Covid-19 hit she moved us to zoom and we have had a great time keeping fit even virtually! She has taught us about nutrition and so many excellent health topics to keep our bodies and minds healthy! You will be in good hands with Alisa!
– Tami

I have had the great fortune of working with Alisa, both as my Pilates instructor and Life Coach. In both settings, Alisa is keenly perceptive in reading a client’s needs and adapts sessions accordingly to benefit the client the most. Personally, I was slow to enter this realm of personal health and well-being but with Alisa’s vast knowledge, expertise, and sense of humor, I am eager to continue learning and growing from her as I work on all aspects of mind, body, spirit. Thank you Alisa!
– Diane

I have been a client of Alisa Russell for many years.  Class settings have included gyms and at home through zoom with the focus on Pilates, barre, reformer, weights, overall health and well-being.  Her emphasis has always been to train her clients to listen to and take care of their bodies through appropriate exercise and nutrition.  The workout instructions are clear and precise with different ability levels offered throughout the session.  She constantly reminds us to be aware of correct exercise principles, techniques, and positions.  I have loved watching her grow as an instructor, mom, businesswoman and friend.  She earns the highest rating I could possibly give!
– Kathy

I got to know Alisa in her Pilates classes at Arden Hills. She is a hard-working professional with a clean teaching style that provides the perfect balance between individual comfort and the challenge to work harder and achieve a stronger body.  With a wide variety of work-outs and clear, logical directions, you always know exactly what part of your body you are working on.

Her Pilates class on the Reformer is my favorite stretching work-out.
– Gwenna

I have taken group and private classes from Alisa in Pilates, strength-training and personal coaching for several years and I have the greatest confidence in her.

She has a unique ability to work from the inside out, using her vast experience and knowledge to teach you to activate the tiniest core muscles that will ultimately give you overall strength, or to reprogram the inner voice that is preventing you from being your absolute best. Her positive, realistic focus on the whole person has helped me through injuries, surgeries, and motivational plateaus. Alisa truly has a passion for what she does. She is continually studying the latest research in health and wellness and loves sharing that knowledge with her clients.

Alisa is a gem in the fitness world. After a fall during a session with another trainer, which resulted in a broken pelvis, I was fortunate enough to be referred to Alisa. She worked with me through my recovery and beyond. Alisa creates a personalized program tailored to the individual’s needs even as those may change, unlike other trainer’s one size fits all regardless of age or limitations. Time spent with Alisa is very beneficial to the mind and body and worth every penny!
– Mary

I have had the privilege of having Alisa as a fitness coach for over almost 2 years. She is PASSIONATE about her profession of inspiring people/clients to a better life through fitness and lifestyle choices, leading to a healthier version of themselves. She brings exuberance to each and every session. She tailors each workout to the clients she is working with always providing options to increase the intensity or modifications desired. Alisa is very knowledgeable in different modalities of fitness that include weight training, Pilates, yoga and endurance. She understands the importance of correct technique to keep her clients safe. I feel she has me in her best interest as we work together.

Alisa was my first trainer when she was pregnant with her first child who is now a teenager. I am privileged to have been under her coaching wing for all these years. Alisa is a one-of-a-kind coach. She is always on top of her game whether giving instructions, cuing, offering encouragement, or demonstrating the correct execution of an exercise. She changes up each workout emphasizing balance, core, and strength training. Alisa is spot on whether coaching Pilates, fit ball, roller, yoga poses, weights or stretching. If you are looking for a coach who is truly dedicated to your total body and mind well-being look no further. You found the best.
– Janie

I have had the pleasure to be a part of Alisa’s Pilates classes for many years. Her class instruction and techniques demonstrate that she is incredibly effective, knowledgeable, interesting, and committed to her clients. I have had many Pilates instructors over the years and Alisa is at the top of my favorites list!



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