What are My Non-Negotiable Practices?

What are the most important practices you do for yourself? What habits bring you mental clarity or give you a chance to catch your breath? I refer to these as “non-negotiable practices”: simple, healthy habits that you commit to every single day, no matter what.  Prioritizing a daily short and simple practice not only helps you feel better, but it makes you a priority in your own life. 

Keep it Simple

Now, these non-negotiable practices should not be lengthy or cause more stress by trying to complete them daily; after all, “daily” is a strong word! So before you think about adding a new practice, recognize that you may already have one.

Take a moment to focus on all the things you are doing well, and identify what behaviors you want to continue. You may realize that you already have a daily practice that helps restore you: walking around the block with your dog, savoring your morning coffee, a few minutes of deep breathing at night, etc.  If this is the case, recognize and honor how important these non-negotiable practices are for you! Is there a way you can be more present during them?

Start Small

If you’re struggling to find a habit or practice that you already do daily that has potential to restore you, start small. Can you set aside 60 seconds every day for yourself? Two minutes? If so, what type of habit or behavior in that amount of time would bring you the most benefit?